10th Annual SCOT Float Trip (2012)

Arrowhead Resort 

7704 Hwy 10 –NE of Tahlequah, (918) 456-1140 — (800) 749-1140

Information & Map @ arrowhead-thunderbird.com


  • If you would like to carpool to Arrowhead please meet at St. Pius at 8:00am. If driving yourself, meet at Arrowhead Resort at 10am.
  • Pack your own lunch and put it in a one gallon ziplock baggie. We will provide an ice chest to put your lunch in.  SCOT will provide bottled water.
  • Drive to Tahlequah, meet at Arrowhead Resort, take short bus ride up the river.
  • Float the Illinois River in “rafts”,
  • Raft trip ends back at Arrowhead
  • Dinner in Tahlequah

TOTAL COST: $28.00 — and $ for dinner

RSVP Call Terri @ (918) 361-7076

INCLUDES: 12 mile float trip, SCOT will provide bottled water


  • Towels for raft and for personal use
  • Swim wear or shorts & tee for rafting
  • Casual attire & personal toiletries for showering after float



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