Marquette Catholic School

Good things continue to happen at Marquette Catholic School.

We are very proud of the new additions to our program this year. A beautiful library has been added as well as Music and Art rooms, and two Resource Rooms. In addition, Chinese was added to the 8th grade curriculum.

Our students get a top-notch academic education and are more than prepared for high school as evidenced by the 90% of our students making the Honor Roll at their respective high schools. Our faith is the “Bedrock” or our school and students get to practice their faith by participating in Mass weekly, attend other special Liturgical Events, receive Communion preparation in second grade, attend Reconciliation Services and work in the community for the benefit of others. Service is inherent in our program and our students enjoy making a difference. Educating the heart and mind translates to success in high school and beyond.

Did you know because of the well-rounded education our students receive that last year, 8 out of the 9 months a Marquette graduate was recognized as the “Boy or Girl” of the month at Bishop Kelley High School?! This year, three of our students have already received this recognition. Our students are achievers and take leadership roles in the high schools they attend .

Many great traditions exist at our school. “Scarecrow Day,” dressing up as Saints for All Saints Day, Trunk or Treat, 50’s day, Christmas Jars, Pennies for Cancer, faculty vs. eighth grade volleyball game, The Marriage of “Q” and “U,” May Crowning, Graduation and much more are just part of the exciting events taking place at our school.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of a great educational tradition that has existed since 1918 please call the school office at 918-584-4631, for enrollment information, openings, scheduling a tour or just wanting to find out more about Marquette.

Marquette Catholic School is accredited by the Oklahoma State Department of Education, the national Catholic Education Association, the Oklahoma Conference of Catholic Schools Accrediting Association, and the Oklahoma Private School Accreditation Commission.


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