OKTOBERFEST – Holy Ghost Parish / Vinita

Date: 10/8/2011
Time: 9:00:00 AM-7:00:00 PM
Location: Grounds of Holy Ghost Catholic Church

Saturday, October 8th is the 25th Anniversary of the annual OKTOBERFEST organized by Holy Ghost Parish in Vinita. It’s a great time for the entire family. Raffle prizes include $1,000, a hand-stitched quilt by Johnny Galvin, a Framed print on canvas by Carol Castor,a 42″ HDTV, and a Recliner. Authentic Mexican and German foods, other specialties and baked goods,, entertainment, and youth booths. Arts & Crafts & booths inside and out. The majority of the Proceeds go to major Charitable Causes in the Community.

Registration: Not required
Price: $ free
Contact: Carol Castor
Phone: 918-944-3371
Email: castoroils@sbcglobal.net

(source:  http://www.dioceseoftulsa.org/event_detail.asp?cID=2158)


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