Saint Mary & BKHS Continued Joplin Tornado Disaster Relief

The Church of Saint Mary is continuing efforts to provide disaster relief in Joplin, Missouri, by partnering with Bishop Kelley. They have access to a large trailer that we will help to fill. Here are the supplies that the Saint Peter’s Outreach in Joplin says are most needed:

  • diapers/pull ups
  • baby wipes (not adult ones)
  • baby formula
  • toiletry items for all ages
  • duck tape
  • laundry detergent
  • trash bags
  • backpacks/tote bags
  • paper products (toilet paper/tissues)
  • sharpies
  • index cards
  • towels
  • wash cloths
  • tarps
  • rakes
  • water
  • Gift Cards-$10 for Walmart, Walgreens, Fast Food
The trailer will be at St. Mary’s this weekend, please bring your items there.
For more information, please call St. Mary’s at 918-749-1423

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