Workshop on new Mass translation

Date:  January 29, 2011

Have you heard about the changes coming in the Mass?

In about a year, the Church will introduce a new translation of the Mass in all the English speaking countries of the world. Eleven years in the preparation, this new translation will offer richer language and a more elegant cadence to the prayers which have become so familiar to us in English since the Vatican Council.

But we will still have a period of adjustment in learning these new patterns. What will need special attention will be the sung parts of the Mass. Our favorite musical settings of the Gloria, the Holy Holy  and the Lamb of God will all need to be replaced with new settings of the corrected translation.

The Diocese will be sponsoring a series of special workshops for parish leaders (parish council, catechists, musicians, cantors and organists) to help them prepare their parishes for this transition. The first will be an all-day workshop on Saturday January 29th, at the Downtown Doubletree Hotel, Tulsa.

You can come and learn all the “Whats,” ”Whys” and “Wherefores” of this new translation. You can get a discounted rate at the Doubletree and make a weekend of it.  For more information or to register contact the Te Deum Institute of the Diocese at 918-307-4948 or


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